Helping business put back more than it takes out.


About the Net Positive Project

The Net Positive Project brings together an authoritative and ambitious coalition of cross-sector partners to develop a credible and aligned net positive approach, supported by a common set of principles and best practices.

Our Mission

To create a world where companies drive financial success and create "net positive" impacts by putting more back into society, the environment, and the global economy than they take out.

Why Net Positive?

Companies are recognizing the benefits of going beyond mitigating their negative sustainability impacts and are recognizing their enormous potential to create positive impacts on society and the environment. Increasingly, companies are making “net positive” commitments to put back more into the global system than they take out.

Net positive will create a race to the top by increasing the sustainability ambition level of companies to have a positive impact on society and the environment. It can also lead to enhanced company innovation, brand reputation, stakeholder relations, and sales. Moreover, net positive can be a powerful way to generate and assess results following the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate agreement.


Members & Partners



The following companies are participating in the Net Positive Project

NGO Partners

The Net Positive Project is co-managed by the following partners:




Net Positive Project Methodology Summary

This document is intended to provide summary guidance on methodology for assessing “net positive” impacts for an organization, including assessment of footprints, handprints, and static contribution analysis.

Net Positive Project User Guide

The Net Positive Project User Guide provides NPP Members and wider stakeholders access to clear guidance on how to:

  • Use the NPP core documents as part of a Corporate Toolkit for Action.

  • Align business strategy and programs to net positive principles. 

  • On-board and/or determine next steps in a business’ net positive journey.

  • Measure net positive impact aligned with NPP work to date.

  • Apply net positive to specific areas of focus (carbon, social impact and water) based on the latest thinking brought forward by NPP.

Net Positive Principles

The Net Positive Principles aim to enhance organizational sustainability strategies so that they reflected elevated ambition and collectively go beyond reducing harm to deliver positive outcomes for society and the environment. This document is intended to provide guidance on the principles and aspirations shaping net positive strategies.

Net Positive Project Maturity Model

This document is intended to provide guidance on assessing the maturity of an organization's efforts to pursue "net positive".



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Why Join?

The Net Positive Project is open to companies across all sectors to:


Gain insight from companies leading the net positive agenda.


Hold a prominent and visible role in helping to turn an innovative and powerful concept into a movement.


Benefit from the ability to shape, inform and test net positive principles and methodologies



For further information and to find out how you can participate in the Net Positive Project, please contact:

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